Business is changing in response to a changing world. The research is clear: Financial performance improves when women are more included in leadership. But in many organizations gender equality is flat-lining – in terms of the advancement of women into senior roles, and in terms of active and informed men who lead as influence partners. Talent challenges abound as well: Retaining high-performing women is difficult, gender norms vary across global markets, and Millennials expect new degrees of inclusion and transparency. This raises a practical question for leaders: What are you going to do about the opportunity and complexity in diversity?

We created the Forum on Engaging Men, Advancing Women to help you answer that question, for yourself, and with your colleagues.

Why engage men to advance women?

What opportunities does the Forum present for women and men?

What is the Forum and what is it not?

What are the risks of not leading conversations about gender in the workplace?

How Does the Forum Equip Me to Lead More Inclusively?

We Create a Safe Learning Environment for You

Fresh and challenging conversations require safety: emotional safety while we learn to lead more effectively, relational safety while we learn to talk with more respect and candor, and physical safety for all. To that end, we commit to building a learning environment that is comfortable enough for us to stretch ourselves and speak honestly, and not so comfortable that we don’t face up to the challenges.

We Focus on Learning About What Works

This is a new approach, so we provide leaders with up-to-date practices and tools. Insight comes from the executive panel, expert speakers and facilitators, and numerous opportunities to learn from peers in small groups and the full audience setting. Typically, more than ten companies are represented at a Forum. 

We Launch the Conversation About Gender

We bring senior leaders – men and women – to learn, converse, and collaborate about how they together can engage men as allies to advance women. We think through the win-lose perceptions with one another, and reframe the conversation to focus on gender collaboration and inclusive leadership to improve the ways we compete for talent and customers.                       

We Provide a Place to Practice and Plan

In order to galvanize your learning, we provide gender-specific and mixed-gender discussions during the event. These ‘practice’ times are prime opportunities to try out new conversations, and to flex new skills. Near the end of the event, we provide time and a tool for leaders to plan actions steps for their teams. 

How Can the Forum Help My Organization?

When leaders of both genders are equipped to collaborate and factor gender into their leadership, the following organizational outcomes are possible:

More Customers: Gender diverse teams and leaders improve organizational ability to win, grow, and retain female customers across markets.

Improved Recruiting: Building an employer brand as a gender inclusive workplace with opportunities for women and men will attract high-performing talent, especially Millennials.

Higher Employee Engagement: Leaders help create the motivation, high-performing relationships, and collaboration needed to deliver the results to better compete today.

Reduced Risk: There is a decreased risk of harassment or discrimination claims, and gender-related conflict is managed and resolved before it escalates.