Engaging Men to Advance Women in Business

How can it be that in 2013, women currently hold just 10%-15% of the senior leadership (C-Suite) positions in corporate America?

And why haven’t we made more progress, given that women now represent 58% of our college graduates and hold 50% of middle-management positions – with 40% holding positions that include purchasing authority?

Eight Ways to Engage Men as Allies (and Two Things To Avoid)

Allies listen, co-create opportunity, and build a personal brand for accountability and trust. For us men, we aren’t allies to women because we aspire to be, or because we say we are. We’re allies only when specific women are willing to say to us and others: “Here’s an example of how you are collaborating with me, supporting me, making and keeping promises, and receiving from me in a two-way relationship….”

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