Sponsoring a Forum

Brand Your Company as Leading the Way for Gender Inclusion

Organizations who choose to sponsor a Forum on Engaging Men, Advancing Women are characterized by their focus on being inclusive, equitable, and diverse, for better business results. They understand that the bottom line is improved by gender inclusive leadership, and seek the competitive edge and results that come with creating a workplace where both genders thrive. Here are some organizations who have used the Forum to further gender inclusion:

Benefits of Sponsoring

Increasing Brand Strength. Organizations and leaders who attend the Forum will strengthen their brands – showing their commitment to equality, inclusion, and leadership in the space. Sponsoring companies are featured at the Forum and on this website.


Benchmarking. There are many opportunities to compare and learn about the practices of other organizations and their leaders in engaging men and advancing women. Notably, the executive panel and following Q&A session are designed for leaders to do this. 

Developing Leaders. Organizations can use the event as a way to deepen the gender-savvy of participating senior leaders. Each Sponsor will have 8 seats included in the sponsorship, and a gender-savvy executive will join in the panel, helping him or her grow as an influence partner.                                                                

Growing Competitive Advantage. Leaders and organizations that attend the Forum gain an edge by learning, practicing, and planning to implement fresh methods to advance women and gender inclusivity in their organizations. They walk away with motivation that can be harnessed to take the next step toward growing male ally networks and gender collaboration. 

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