• "I leave the day today feeling a lot of personal motivation and also seeing significant opportunity for my team."
    — Thomas Troy, Executive VP, Liberty Mutual Insurance
  • "The biggest take away for me from an action perspective was really evolving the conversation with other leaders in my firm from buy-in on this concept to leading on this concept."
    — Rebecca Pomering, CEO, Moss Adams Wealth Advisors LLC
  • "The Forum provided an opportunity for committed learners to really engage gender - not just discussing the experiences and "problems" of women. There are committed male leaders out there who are willing to put in the hard work necessary for closing the gap between men and women's understanding of the issues."
    — Katherine Phillips, Professor and Senior Vice Dean, Columbia School of Business
  • "In my sphere of influence, I will challenge the men and women managers of my team to mentor/sponsor three diverse individuals, and I will ensure that our recruitment team is building candidate pools with sufficient females to consider."
    — Anonymous

Launch The Conversation

Build momentum to grow the conversation around gender to benefit your organization

Learn What Works

Hear from executive panelists and speakers sharing practical and emerging practices

Practice & Plan

Collaborate, benchmark, and plan with other leaders to lead your organization more inclusively



The headlines today are filled with stories about the lack of gender diversity in organizations – especially in upper management – despite the mounting evidence that mixed gender leadership and teams at all levels perform better than teams without gender parity. If anything is clear, it’s this: leaders need to create gender diverse and inclusive organizations in order to remain competitive in the battles for talent and customers.

We understand the imperative for you as an executive: lead your organization through the gender gap, fill it, and then keep it closed. This will set your company up for success now and in the future. That’s why we created the Forum on Engaging Men, Advancing Women.

The event provides a fresh approach for you: engaging men to advance women in your organization.

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Simply put, we bring men and women together to learn how to build relationships of trust and accountability with each other, to collaborate, and to create mutually beneficial opportunity for both genders.

Featuring an executive panel sharing high-performing practices, speakers, and focused peer group discussions, the Forum will provide a place for you to learn, practice, benchmark, and plan for how you lead inclusively to close the gender gaps in your organization.

Leaders from dozens of organizations have joined us in rewriting the gendered stories of our organizations: To benefit men and women – employee and customer alike – and turn what was once a problem into opportunity to create competitive advantage. Join us by registering today for this groundbreaking half-day workshop.